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La Défense, Paris

ViaCon wins the prestigious IFAT GO GREEN Sustainability Award

The IFAT conference highly encourages all participating companies to showcase their contribution to sustainability not just in their business, but also in their presence at the trade fair. The IFAT Go Green Sustainability Award is given to companies that walk the talk in being truly sustainable, even through their exhibition booths. ViaCon participated in the GoGreen CO2 Audit initiative, contributing to making IFAT a climate-neutral event by supporting a MyClimate project to bring clean drinking water to schools and households in Uganda. ”We are immensely proud of having won the prestigious IFAT Go Green Sustainability Award, giving recognition to our efforts to contribute to constructing a sustainable future” says Hans Gschirr, Vice President StormWater Solutions, ViaCon Group. Continuing with the strong environmental focus in everything we do within ViaCon, our presence at the IFAT conference in Munich (May 30-June 3, 2022) is yet another opportunity to drive forward our sustainability goals. It is also an opportunity for us to demonstrate our environmental promises at the event, putting our sustainable trade fair appearance on display. ViaCon aims to connect at IFAT to discuss how we can construct a more responsible, sustainable, climate-conscious future. Together. “I am very pleased that despite tough competition, we have won this coveted IFAT Go Green Sustainability Award. Well done, team!” says Stefan Nordström, CEO ViaCon Group.

Demonstrating ESG in action

ViaCon’s commitment to ESG and sustainability isn’t new or a one-off. Backed by a 35-year history during which ViaCon has sought to do sustainable business, the company has been recognized in a number of ways for its green credentials. For example, ViaCon has been awarded FSN’s ESG Award for 2021 and secured first place in the “Going Green” category of the NCSPA awards in 2021 with an entry highlighting a Turkish high-speed rail ecological overpass project. ViaCon is determined to be at the forefront of positively influencing the development of sustainability in the infrastructure sector. By taking a key role in the industry towards circularity, ViaCon can contribute to the industry becoming more sustainable.