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Sustainability & ESG

At the forefront of infrastructure solutions for a changing world, ViaCon constructs the future consciously, putting sustainability at the core of everything we do. We’re actively contributing to the transition to a greener, more circular society built with long-lasting, recyclable material and verifiable ESG commitments. 

ViaCon, ESG and UN Development Goal alignment

ViaCon has embedded commitment to future-oriented growth prioritises people and planet alongside shared value creation. We do our part to create sustainable value chains and support a more prosperous environmental ecosystem.

ViaCon has embedded sustainable development into our business goals and design. We have implemented common, standardised metrics to evaluate our progress and identify areas of improvement. ViaCon’s bold ESG strategy aligns with four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), which we track and report on as part of our day-to-day operations.

Decent work and economic growth

ViaCon invests in people as our most important asset, and the social good of sustainability starts with employees. Providing decent work in an environment where employees can thrive depends on seeking input and having ongoing dialogue, providing safe working conditions, operating business ethically, and continuous improvement.

In 2022, ViaCon:

Delivered business ethics training for >97% of staff 
Improved Winningtemp Engagement Surveys eNPS* to -7 from -14 in 2021 
Reduced employee turnover rate of 9.7% from 13.5% in 2021 
Delivered new internal leadership program and introduced salary review and performance appraisal processes, which were completed within the year
Kicked off employer/employee branding process
Redesigned training programs and updated for 2023 to include Winningtemp and SteelZero initiatives
Reduced number of lost days for finger-related injuries by 13% from 2021

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Social and environmental aims are grounded in ViaCon’s commitment to responsible business practices and overall economic prosperity. Our operational principles have been designed to ensure that we are responsible and accountable for our conduct and compliance. 

In 2022, ViaCon:

Ensured that 75% of distributors have signed the distributor code of conduct; 76% of suppliers have signed the supplier code of conduct, meeting the 2021 goal. 
Completed risk assessments on the top 35 suppliers. 
Began development on life cycle analysis (LCA) calculation tool to encompass the full range of ViaCon’s business units. 
Committed to science-based targets in November; listed on SBTI website as committed. 
Reported Scope 1 & 2 for 2021 and 2022; performance yielded a 15% reduction YoY. 

Responsible consumption and production

ViaCon focuses on circularity, renewability and durability. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, whether by sourcing renewable energy, locating factories closer to where finished products are needed, investing in greener manufacturing, or reducing reliance on virgin raw materials.

In 2022, ViaCon:

Designed a sustainable bridge pilot project; currently in progress. 
Reached 86% completion of EPD on all Bridges & Culverts solutions production units; EPD applications and certifications are underway across all business units. 
Reduced use of virgin plastic by 27.7%, ahead of targets set. 
Reduced steel consumption by 1% by standardising steel thickness in our water tanks. 
Committed to making Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) calculator the single common calculator for all business units. Developers will create the application. 

Climate action

ViaCon aligns with UN climate goals, the European Green Deal and our own initiatives, such as committing to net-zero steel by 2050. With infrastructure solutions that facilitate adaptation to the new climate reality, ViaCon solutions are part of the answer to climate-change challenges and the need to build with longer-lasting, recyclable materials.  

In 2022, ViaCon:

Hosted an environment-focused webinar in November 2022 with more than 100 attendees. 
Joined the SteelZero initiative and committed to science-based emission targets