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La Défense, Paris

Core Behaviors

Think Strategically

See the big picture. Strategic thinking is the ability to identify and act on opportunities with forethought and a holistic view, based on the understanding of both the internal and external environments.​

Focus & Drive Performance

Focus on the outcome of your and others’ actions, hold yourself and others accountable. Go for the high impact activities and evaluate success based on results, not the number of hours worked. Understand risks and learn from mistakes.​

Work Together

The ability to work together means that you actively promote cross-boundary collaboration in order to achieve better business results through combining our competences. The extent to which you mobilize teamwork, energy in others and are easy to do business with.​

Demonstrate Integrity

Build legitimacy through honest relationships. Be constructive and promote openness. Be the credible leader or colleague that others choose to follow - one with both character, competence, and integrity.​