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ViaCon as a value creator

ViaCon creates value for customers and society

ViaCon is an infrastructure construction leader in its key markets and is well-respected for its technical competence and our solution-oriented approach. Europe is ViaCon’s home market and we also operates in other markets with an opportunity for growth, strengthening the ViaCon position in both existing and prospective markets.

A key differentiator is ViaCon’s commitment to verifiable sustainability – becoming more sustainable as a business and helping our customers to do the same. Our aim is to offer highly profitable solutions that also support our customers’ demands for sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches to infrastructure.


Key differentiators

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Improved margins
2023 was marked by heightened market volatility, yet we successfully increased our margins to record levels, clearly affirming the strength and effectiveness of our strategic approach and organizational structure.
Growth potential
ViaCon has made strategic investments in the business through key acquisitions, which has positioned ViaCon competitively across business units and in both new and existing markets and enables greater flexibility and profitability.
ViaCon solutions support efficient and sustainable engineering. In addition to our own ESG ambitions, our solutions enable investment in long-lasting infrastructure built from renewable materials while reducing environmental impact.

What ViaCon stands for

Strategic priorities in focus

Accelerating growth across the ViaCon Group drives our strategic priorities. Building on record profits, despite global economic and market challenges, we will grow our Bridges & Culverts solutions, improve profitability within our Geotechnical solutions, and build the business within Stormwater solutions. Hand in hand, we will continue to drive operational excellence, business support and performance to make achieving our strategic aims possible.

Customer focus

Bringing to bear a strong customer-focused approach to doing business, ViaCon actively works to identify customer needs and provides optimal and innovative solutions and consultation. A successful end result is achieved by understanding the long-term needs of and immediate drivers for the customer. Our technical expertise and wide-ranging experience coupled with our high-quality products combine to help us guide customers to the optimal solutions for each other their projects.

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