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Our Solutions

Three business units; one flexible solution

With end-to-end solutions that encompass everything from design to technical advice to delivery, you’re covered with ViaCon. Made up of three business units offering bridges and culverts, geotechnical and stormwater solutions, ViaCon’s solution portfolio offers the flexibility to design and deploy infrastructure construction projects that are fast to build and built to last.

Tap into the speed of lightweight, modular materials and faster project completion (days, not months) and less disruption at construction sites.
With a focus on onsite assembly, lightweight components, 100% recyclable materials and renewability and circularity, sustainability is built in.
With faster construction times, easier transport and longer service life at project completion, cost and time savings can be significant.
Solutions, not products
Get end-to-end project design, planning, and delivery with complete ViaCon solutions that offer more than just products and components.

Our solutions areas

We focus on constructing diverse solutions that match the needs of our customers across industries, including road construction, railways, forestry, coastal and waterway engineering, mining, airports, building and industrial areas, agriculture and many more.

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Bridges & Culverts Solutions
Offering durable, cost-efficient, and sustainable construction options, bridges & culverts cover the construction, reconstruction, and relining of culverts, bridges, viaducts, grade separations, wildlife crossings, tunnels and more.
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GeoTechnical Solutions
Addressing geotechnical engineering issues, our solutions range from soil reinforcement to landfills with a products including geosynthetics, geotextiles, geogrids, gabions, retaining walls, geomembranes, and more.
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StormWater Solutions
Meeting the challenges of stormwater management, ranging from storage to infiltration to drainage, to treating polluted wastewater. Our offerings extend to oil and sand separation, retention tanks,​ infiltration, and firewater tanks. ​