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Our people

Our people - our most vital resource and unique edge​

Our employees are a strong contributing factor to ViaCon’s success. ViaCon strives to be a workplace serving our customers professionally through diversity - utilising different expertise and perspectives. Our people processes helps us to attract and retain top talent to help grow our business. ​


At ViaCon, we strive for the employee onboarding process to help people become familiar and comfortable with the ViaCon Group, their job, the people, and the organisational culture. An individual onboarding program is developed to our newcomers to secure they will get a flying start into the company. ​

Engagement Survey Tool

To understand what is important to our people they are frequently asked to voice their opinion by completing our pulse engagement survey. The feedback from our people helps our leaders to continue to develop their teams and our organisation and secure we maintain an engaged workforce. ​

Performance Dialogues

We believe that continuous feedback will help to support the growth and success of our people. Through performance dialogues our employees get’s clarity on priorities, receive constructive feedback on their performance and guidance on how they can develop professionally. When our people grow, we will grow as a company. ​

Competence Development

To secure our employees have the right skills set to succeed today as well as meeting our business goals of tomorrow we put a strong focus on competence development. As an employee at ViaCon you are part of a network with strong technical competence, expertise and knowledge which will secure development in any profession you hold within the company. ​

Leadership Development

At ViaCon we strive to have modern leaders that support our employees to achieve their full potential. Based on our core values, we constantly invest in our leaders equipping them with the rights skills and competence to secure they can lead their people and our organisation in a successful way. ​

Talent Planning

ViaCon has a strong commitment to support our employees’ career paths, which also supports our goals of constantly keeping a strong talent plan and make sure we have employees ready to take the next step in the organization.