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ViaCon wins two NCSPA awards  

ViaCon wins two NCSPA awards  
Through innovative and sustainable engineering solutions, ViaCon continues to show its leadership in the infrastructure industry. As further evidence of ViaCon’s initiatives  in the use of steel, two ViaCon solutions have been recognised by the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association (NCSPA) in two of their project of the year award categories: retention/detention and special application.

ViaCon selected for two project of the year awards

For 2024, ViaCon has been selected for two NCSPA project of the year awards. The first, in the retention/detention category, is ViaCon Sweden with a sustainable water tank solution for rainwater harvesting at a bus depot. The implementation created a truly circular water management system – reducing environmental impact by preventing potential damage from water collecting on the depot roof while repurposing the collected water for washing the bus fleet. The second award, in the special application category, was the railway rehabilitation work undertaken by ViaCon Türkiye in the post-earthquake period. The work included corrugated steel culverts, bridges and tunnels on four different railway lines in the eastern part of Turkey, where getting rail traffic moving again quickly was economically critical. Due to geographically challenging conditions, time pressure and managing several structure types across different locations, ViaCon’s flexibility and speed was seen as a competitive advantage. Winning these awards highlights our leadership in promoting sustainable solutions.

NCSPA recognition and achieving industry visibility

The NCSPA is an organisation in the United States dedicated to the mission of promoting “sound public policy relating to the use of corrugated steel drainage structures in private and public construction”. Part of this mission is encouraging awareness-building around the benefits and uses of corrugated steel pipes (CSP) in engineering and helping to distribute technical information to support CSP. Each year, the NCSPA recognises excellence and innovation in infrastructure development, drawing from use cases and case studies from member organisations, like ViaCon. The awards’ aim, apart from expanding awareness of CSP as a viable and sustainable material, is to recognise solutions that demonstrate outstanding engineering, design and use of CSP and plate products across multiple purposes, including enhancing transportation networks, safeguarding against flooding and more.

Continuing to build recognition for the ViaCon brand and expertise

“Winning awards and gaining external recognition helps distinguish ViaCon not just as a credible leader but sets us apart from competition, driving visibility of our offer and commitment to the long-term future,” ViaCon CEO Stefan Nordström said. “I’d like to congratulate everyone involved in these implementations of ViaCon solutions as well as congratulate winners in other award categories.”