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Introducing a series of webinars on Bridges and Culverts

We are proudly introducing a series of webinars on bridges and culverts facilitated by our civil engineering experts. The series will take place this autumn and will bring you closer to the topics around Potential Applications and Sustainable Solutions – using ViaCon products.

Part 1 will take place on the 13th of October, where Piotr Tomala, Aida Balas and Yonko Dobrev will cover the topic of Aesthetic arrangement in landscape architecture. 

Part 2 will take place on the 10th of November, where you will be able to see Piotr Tomala, Jouko Selkämaa and Christian Hammes present how to restore or improve bridge condition in an easy way. 

Part 3 will be available to watch on the 8th of December. Our experts Piotr Tomala and Onur Basar will cover the topic of design and construction of wildlife crossings.

These webinars are designed for Local Road & Railway authorities, Designers, Contractors, Supervisors and anyone potentially interested in innovative and environment-friendly Bridges & Culverts solutions.

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