Powering a balance between wildlife and rail

ViaCon Lithuania helps fence in new railway to enable wildlife and infrastructure to co-exist

In 2020, a new dielectric fence was constructed to protect the newly constructed rail section between Livintai-Gaižiūnai in Lithuania.

The Challenge 

New rail section construction changes the landscape and creates barriers for wildlife. Animaltrain accidents pose significant risk for damage and loss of life.

Wanting to avoid damage, knowing that a large number of wild animals traverse the area of rail construction, it was necessary to install a protective fence on the newly constructed section.

Because the railway line is electrified, a dielectric fence was required to deter wild animals.


Investor: AB „Lietuvos gveležinkeliai“

Designer: UAB „TEC Infrastructure“

Product: Dielectric fence system Fibrenet

Contractor: UAB „Geležinkelio tiesimo centras“

Producer: Company FIBRE NET S.P.A. (Italy)

Corrugated Steel Tank heading to industrial building in

Drobe St, Kaunas

The Solution 

ViaCon engineers proposed a solution: a fence made of fiberglass. Italian company FIBRENET designed the new fiberglass fence, and the resulting fencing boasted:

• Low electricity consumption in production

• Environmentally friendly construction

• Durable construction for longevity

The ViaCon Advantage 

With ViaCon, the new six-kilometer-long road including the new bridge shortened travel distance, leading to increased safety as well as other short and long-term environmental performance benefits, such as.

•Easier and faster to build, due to simpler structure

•Lower maintenance requirements

•Competitive costs, including less energy and fossil fuel consumption during construction

•Steel is 100% recyclable, contributing to the circular economy at end of life