Why ViaCon?

Ownership structure

ViaCon Group with its parent company, ViaCon Group AB (publ), is owned by RI Holding AS, Oslo, with corporate identity number 923 991 484, being a part of SRH BridgeCo Group. ViaCon’s ultimate owner is FSN Capital V and FSN Capital Bridge Co-Investment.

The ViaCon’s business

The Group was founded in 1986 in Sweden and Norway. ViaCon is a leading provider in the European market with a focus on production and technical sales of flexible corrugated steel structures and plastic pipes used to build Bridges & Culverts, GeoTechnical- and StormWater Solutions. ViaCon offers innovative, competitive and sustainable solutions

During the year, the company appointed a number of key people at the new head office in Nya Hovås, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The year in brief

2020 has been a special year given the prevalence and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide. The development of the pandemic has had far-reaching consequences for many industries. Global challenges require new business models. However, general demand is governed by a number of factors and for ViaCon, 2020 has been one of the best years in history. ViaCon took a big step forward in 2020, a year that started strong commercially thanks to the mild weather, but which has developed stronger as the new strategic direction started to pay-off. The business has been refined and the separation process from Saferoad has been completed. Within Saferoad Group ViaCon was only a division, but now ViaCon is an independent entity and a Group with a clear agenda for the future.

ViaCon’s vision

ViaCon wants to be in a leading position in its key markets and be highly appreciated and respected for the technical competence and solutions.

Europe, and in particular Central & Northern Europe, is ViaCon’s home market. ViaCon acts also in other markets and thus opportunities will be handled on an opportunity basis. ViaCon currently has no ambitions to go global but would like to strengthen the position into Western Europe.

Focus on sustainability implies that ViaCon wants to differentiate the product offerings to provide highly profitable solutions and supporting our customers’ demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Applying the Group’s high technical competence in ViaCon’s solutions is the key to differentiate and build sustainable competitiveness.

Strategic priorities in focus

Global challenges require new business models, the world is changing and ViaCon with it. Programs and plans for future growth and profitability, were prepared in 2020. The work has resulted in a revised vision and business concept where the strategic priorities are clear. Through a new organisational structure for the Group consisting of three business units and a consolidated operations function that were introduced in the beginning of 2021, ViaCon has a strong legacy to build on.

The ambition for ViaCon is to reach a strong position with good profitability in the European market. Through the strategic priorities, ViaCon will grow the business within “Bridges & Culverts Solutions”, improve profitability within “GeoTechnical Solutions” and build the business within “StormWater Solutions”. Profitability will also be strengthened by working uniformly towards the same goal and by increasing production efficiency through the new operations function. ViaCon will thus become a stronger partner for all its stakeholders in society and overall, the company will advance its positions in terms of future solutions in each segment.

Customer focus

ViaCon has always had strong focus on aiming to identify the customer’s needs and providing optimal and innovative solutions for each project. We believe the goal to a successful end result is derived from understanding the needs of the customer, providing our high technical experience and high quality products as well as finding the optimal solutions for each project.

ViaCon Group has more than 35 years of experience in applying its own produced products as well as the highest quality products from carefully chosen long-term partners. ViaCon constantly works to develop the product offerings to be able to provide added value to its customers.


The Covid-19 outbreak has affected many players and the development of the pandemic has had far-reaching consequences for many industries. ViaCon has taken strong measures to protect the business against the spread of the virus and ViaCon has been affected by Covid-19 to a fairly limited extent so far. The measures have been successfully implemented and production capacity has been maintained. General demand is governed by a number of factors and for ViaCon, 2020 has been the best year in the Group’s history.

However, the company’s management is constantly evaluating the Corona situation. Management hasn’t noted anything that indicates that ViaCon group has been or will be negatively affected by the same. This conclusion is based on the information at the time of signing of this annual report and the effects of future events may differ from management’s assessment.

Outlook for 2022

ViaCon has taken a major step forward in 2020 and with the new strategy, ViaCon will be able to advance its position in the European market by providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Innovation is happening everywhere, and ViaCon continues to explore new technology that strengthens the product offerings with a focus on sustainability. Through its expertise in technical solutions, ViaCon will create value for its customers by differentiating its range with cost effective solutions.

ViaCon is significantly stronger today than a year ago. The strategy gives the company confidence in being able to successfully deliver future development and to achieve the goal of “becoming the leading European supplier of sustainable solutions in its segments”.

Guidelines for remuneration to senior executives

Guidelines for remuneration to senior executives and other employment terms and conditions for ViaCon’s President and CEO and other senior executives have been adopted by the Board. Salaries and other terms and conditions of employment shall be such that ViaCon can always attract and retain skilled senior executives at a reasonable cost to the company.
Remuneration within ViaCon shall be based on the nature of the position, principles of performance, competitiveness and fairness. The salaries of senior executives consist of a fixed salary, variable remuneration, pension and other benefits. Every senior executive shall be offered a fixed salary in line with market conditions and based on the senior executive’s responsibility, expertise and performance. All senior executives may, from time to time, be offered cash bonuses In the case of the President and CEO such bonuses may amount to a maximum of 80 % of their annual fixed salary. In the case of the other senior executives, bonuses may not exceed 60% of their annual fixed salaries. Bonuses shall be based primarily on developments in the Group as a whole or developments in the division or unit for which the person in question is responsible.

Board activities

The Board has adopted a set of working procedures, instructions and a number of policies that define the allocation of responsibilities between the Board and the President and CEO. The Board has ultimate responsibility for the Group’s operations and organisation and ensures that the duties of the President and CEO as well as financial operations are carried out in compliance with established principles. The Board held nine meetings during the year, including one strategy meeting, and one budget and business-planning meeting.

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