ViaCon Group Joins SteelZero Initiative

ViaCon supports clean, green steel – committing to net-zero steel by 2050

Gothenburg, Sweden – 2022-08-23
Continuing to align with key sustainability goals and leading the charge for positive action toward green development and against climate change, the ViaCon Group has joined the SteelZero initiative, which is focused on increasing market demand for net-zero steel.

By joining the SteelZero initiative, ViaCon makes a commitment to transition to 100% net-zero steel by 2050. In addition, by 2030, at least 50% of ViaCon’s steel must meet specific science-based, CO2-reduction conditions that contribute to the ultimate goal of sourcing only net-zero steel.

Today, steel production is a more sustainable material choice than most alternatives, but production and sourcing can be optimized to reduce emissions. As a 100% recyclable and reusable material, steel is also positioned to play a significant role in the growth of the circular economy. SteelZero is a global initiative to build on these advantages. With the aim of accelerating the transition to 100% net-zero steel by 2050, SteelZero member organizations will collectively use their influence and purchasing power to move global markets and industries toward more responsible production, sourcing and reuse and recycling of steel to meet decarbonization targets and ultimately achieve carbon neutrality.

“A commitment to the SteelZero initiative is a commitment to reducing the burden from virgin material and creating a path to net-zero steel and, more broadly, the circular economy,” said Mattias Hakeröd, Chief HR and Sustainability Officer, ViaConGroup. “Participation in the SteelZero initiative is one decisive action we can take to support a balance between sustainable business growth and environmental principles and stewardship.”

Jen Carson, head of industry at Climate Group, said: “We are delighted to welcome ViaCon to SteelZero. Their membership marks an important step in signalling the global demand for low-emission and net zero steel, particular within the infrastructure industry. This sector plays a central role in driving the net zero transition of steel. Together we are supporting the creation of a decarbonised steel market internationally, and working to deliver a product that eliminates its impact on the climate.”

Participation in the SteelZero Initiative is the latest in ViaCon’s long-term strategy of becoming the sustainable choice in the infrastructure market. ViaCon Group’s net-zero steel ambitions are just one commitment in the company’s pursuit of and support for both sustainability and wider circular economy goals.