ViaCon aims at the highest standards when it comes to environmental protection, well-being of the society and corporate governance.

Sustainability is the key word of the 21st century. We believe that a sustainable way of thinking must define every one of our actions, including those that are not directly related to the environment, but rather to the well-being of society or business.

Since 2021, ViaCon has set itself a bold ESG strategy which contributes to four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

ESG Achievements during 2022:

  • Certification of EPD 86% complete on all Bridges & Culverts Solutions production units

  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) calculator will become a single common calculator for all business units. Developers will create the application.
  • ViaCon joined the SteelZero initiative and committed to science-based emission targets
  • Design of a sustainable bridge pilot was identified and is in progress
  • Business ethics training executed for >97% of staff
  • Supplier code of conduct now signed by 78% of ViaCon suppliers
  • Distribution code of conduct now signed by 75% of distributors
  • Winningtemp Engagement Surveys eNPS* at -7 from -14 in 2021
  • Employee turnover rate of 9.7% from 13.5% in 2021
  • Lost days for finger-related injuries reduced by 11% from 2021

Focus 2023:

  • EPDs to cover 50% of spend in traded goods suppliers
  • Continue identifying sustainable bridge pilot designs
  • Launch LCA calculator 2023
  • Run two Leadership Development Programs.
  • Improve Engagement Index to 7.2
  • Employee Net Promoter Score* (eNPS) +1
  • Validate H&S audits and create robust plans per production unit
  • Reduce employee turnover rate to < 8%.
  • 95% direct and indirect labour to complete business ethics training.
  • 90% of distributors to sign the distribution code of conduct
  • 90% of suppliers to sign the supplier code of conduct
  • Submit science-based emission targets 2023