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Case study

Powering a balance between wildlife and rail

ViaCon Lithuania helps fence in new railway to enable wildlife and infrastructure to co-exist.

In 2020, a new dielectric fence was constructed to protect the newly constructed rail section between Livintai-Gaižiūnai in Lithuania.

The Challenge​

New rail section construction changes the landscape and creates barriers for wildlife. Animaltrain accidents pose significant risk for damage and loss of life.

Wanting to avoid damage, knowing that a large number of wild animals traverse the area of rail construction, it was necessary to install a protective fence on the newly constructed section.

Because the railway line is electrified, a dielectric fence was required to deter wild animals.

The Solution

ViaCon engineers proposed a solution: a fence made of fiberglass. Italian company FIBRENET designed the new fiberglass fence, and the resulting fencing boasted:

• Low electricity consumption in production

• Environmentally friendly construction

• Durable construction for longevity



Investor: AB „Lietuvos gveležinkeliai“

Designer: UAB „TEC Infrastructure“

Product: Dielectric fence system Fibrenet

Contractor: UAB „Geležinkelio tiesimo centras“

Producer: Company FIBRE NET S.P.A. (Italy)

The Advantage

ViaCon focuses on using renewable materials and more efficient construction for a reduced carbon footprint and the ability to live in harmony with the environment. With ViaCon, the new fencing solution delivered on its purpose, such as:

• Easier and faster to build, due to simpler structure

• Lower maintenance requirements

• Steel is 100% recyclable, contributing to the circular economy at end of life

• Reduced economic effects from rail damage and delayed or cancelled supply chain costs

• Fewer accidents, casualties and loss of life

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