Built to last: Sustainability with ViaCon

Welcome to the first quarterly sustainability newsletter from ViaCon. Keep reading to find out about our commitments to sustainability and our ESG efforts.

ViaCon is making strides in reducing our carbon footprint.


Here are highlights from ViaCon’s progress in reducing CO2 emissions by quarter in 2023.

Sustainable steel

Reduce your carbon footprint with sustainable solutions made of steel. Find out more here.

Want to know how ViaCon can reduce your carbon footprint with green steel solutions? Contact us here.

Two-in-one reinforcement: Case study

How can steel deliver a more costefficient and faster-to-implement replacement solution for a reinforced concrete retaining wall?

Inside-out sustainability

All around ViaCon, we are introducing projects internally to make ourselves more sustainable. Our Finnish factory has installed solar panels, for example, to take advantage of renewable energy.

Cool solutions with rainwater: Case study

How can rainwater harvesting deliver an environmentally friendly, circular solution for data centre cooling?